Do you need to book forklift training?

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Does your company need to expand the number of their warehousing staff? Often, you may like to acquire new, trained staff who are already familiar with every aspect of warehouse operations. However, if you can't find the person you need, you may train people with no previous warehousing experience. Some elements of warehousing work can be grasped quickly with 'on the job' training. There are other roles within a warehouse that require considerably more skill, and for which an outside training company should be called. One such role is that of forklift driver. If you are looking for forklift training, there are several things that you will want to check before you pay for the training.

What equipment will be used?

When looking at a forklift training course, you must check the type of forklifts used during the training. There will need to be some basic theory training as a part of the forklift training course, but much of the time will be spent learning about and learning to drive particular forklifts. It is ideal if the training covers a range of forklifts, this will allow the new drivers to experience both new and more vintage types of forklifts. However, what you will want to know is whether they will be trained to use the type of forklifts you have in your warehouse. No company wants to pay for training only to have the returning student struggle to translate their new knowledge into practical use on your equipment.

Will the training be thorough enough?

Forklift training courses can vary. Some will be almost all theory with a short practical lesson tacked onto the end of the course. Others will concentrate on practical learning without providing a valuable theoretical foundation. A balance of both elements is important to provide the knowledge that the learners will need. It is also vital that the practical part of the training allows time for individual training. There is a lot of difference between watching an instructor or fellow student do something and learning how to do it yourself. The amount of time spent sitting in a forklift getting to grips with the controls is a good indication of the quality of the course. Before you select any forklift training course, take the time to study what is being offered and see how it relates to your expectations. Find out if completing the training will result in a recognized qualification, and whether the course has satisfied past students.

Keep these things in mind as you look for forklift training courses

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