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Care and education of your children have to be some of the primary responsibilities of all parents. From their earliest times, you will feed, dress, and guide your children as they take their first steps into the world. Their earliest education will come as you introduce them to simple concepts and help them to learn about the world about them as they grow. While parents may have sole responsibility for child care during those early days, there will probably come a time when you will want to find a child care centre to cater to your child while you are working or engaged in other activities that you can't do with children around.

Choosing the right child care centre

When you decide that the time is right to start sharing your child care with a child care centre, you can't simply select the first child care centre that you see. You will need to examine the centre carefully to ensure that you have complete confidence in its ability to safely care for your child. In addition to child safety, you must think about the development of your child. Children are growing and developing all of the time. You must select a child care centre that will foster their cognitive development and help them to grow into a well-rounded, socialised individual.

Enhance creative intelligence through play

Your child may be too young to start school, but they have been learning since the day they were born. You should partner with a child care centre that will use play to encourage children to reach out and build their knowledge of the world.

Help them understand their world

At birth, a child's knowledge of their world is extremely limited, but as they grow, they begin to develop an interest in the wider world and the people that inhabit it. One of the first things they will learn when they start to mix with other children is that everyone is different. For their own security, a child will need to understand where they fit into the world and what it is that makes them unique. They should also learn to appreciate the cultures and traditions of others in their community. A good child care centre will use play to build the connections that your child needs to find their place in the world. By investigating child care centres carefully, you can find the right care for your child.

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