Should You Support a Bequest Program To Help Children Read?

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What's important to you? Working to improve the lives of future generations probably ranks highly in the minds of many people. You may make an effort to contribute to the lives of others in many ways. Perhaps, you give your time and money to a variety of good causes, but have you thought about finding a way that you can keep on making a difference and improving the lives of others when you are no longer around to physically contribute? By taking advantage of a bequest program to help children you can make sure that children will continue to benefit from your generosity long into the future.

Why support reading dogs?

If you want to support a bequest program to help children, there are lots of organisations that you could consider for a donation, but few can have the long-term impact that helping children to read can achieve. Reading is such a fundamental skill and so essential to their education and future careers that it is always worthwhile promoting and encouraging reading opportunities for all children. While everyone agrees that reading is vital, there are always going to be children that struggle to acquire the skill, and these children can often be helped by reading dogs. By supporting one of these programs, you can help to train a reading dog. By learning to read to specially trained dogs, children can build confidence and increase their reading level without embarrassment or fear of humiliation. Every time the child reads, they are building a lifelong habit that will strengthen their skills and help them in all they do throughout life.

How does a bequest program to help children read work?

Finding and training reading dogs costs money, and every donation received by the program can be put to good use funding vital work. A bequest is paid out of your estate once any outstanding debts, funeral costs, or other expenses have been taken care of. You could choose to make a bequest of all of the residue of your estate or any percentage you would like. If you are not sure how you do this, then your legal advisor will be able to assist you; it is normally a simple matter of adding a few lines to your will setting out what you would like to happen. If you would like more information regarding the work that your bequest will be funding, then talk to your chosen charity; they will be delighted to answer whatever questions you may have.

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