Is Your Child a Good Fit for Preschool, In-Home Care, or Day Care?

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Parents today have more childcare options than ever before, from a preschool with structured educational courses to in-home babysitting and day care facilities. While these choices all offer certain advantages and drawbacks, you might note some vital details about each so you can choose the best one for your child in particular. This will ensure he or she is cared for properly throughout the day.


Preschools typically offer structured class settings; while they allow children lots of free time to play, a preschool might also offer more opportunities for learning and instruction. Teachers might cover topics that preschool-aged children need to learn before kindergarten, such as letters, the proper pronunciation of words, colours, numbers and quantity, concepts like over and under and so on.

A preschool is an excellent option for preparing your child for their actual schooling in a year or so; he or she might become more accustomed to sitting through lesson plans and following the lead of a teacher when enrolled in preschool. If your child struggles with concepts they need to know before entering kindergarten, preschool is an especially good choice for them.

In-Home Care

In-home care or babysitting in someone's private home might be preferred by a child who is very shy around other children. Children who are especially sensitive to being away from their parents might also be more comfortable in a private home than a school. Someone who cares for just a few children in their home might also be able to give your child more personalized attention than they would receive in a preschool or day care facility.

If you do choose in-home care, be sure you examine the home carefully for safety issues. Be cautious about exposed outlets, open cabinets, and other similar hazards, and ensure there won't be more children in the home than the caregiver can reasonably manage.

Day Care

A day care facility might have some structured learning programs but typically not as many as a preschool. These facilities might also accommodate more children than in a private home, which is something to consider if your child is shy. However, if your son or daughter loves being around other children, a day care facility might be a perfect fit for them!

Day care facilities might also provide more activities for a child than in-home care. Many such facilities have lots of artwork supplies, musical instruments, modelling clay, books and other such items that keep a child busy and entertained throughout the day.

For more information, reach out to a day care centre near you.

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