What to Know About Weekend Forklift Training Courses for Your Staff

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If you are a foreman and looking for a way to get more of your staff trained and certified for forklifts, you may be looking at weekend courses. These courses are quick, usually local to your business and offer several benefits for you and your staff. Before you sign staff members up for these weekend courses, there are a few things you should know about them. Here are a few of the key points to keep in mind about weekend forklift training courses and what to know about each key point.

Beginner Courses

The first thing you need to know about weekend forklift training courses are the options with beginner courses. The beginner courses are generally two full days long. During this time your staff will have a course day and the second day will be using the forklift and going over the basic operations before the certification test. These are long days and do meet the hour requirement for most companies. The end result is having staff trained and certified within a weekend to help with heavier loading needs such as seasonal shipments and stocking.

Advanced Courses

Advanced courses can range from one afternoon to one full day. These advanced forklift training courses require that the driver not only be certified as a basic forklift driver, but also have a certain number of hours as a forklift driver. If your staff meet these requirements, they can take advanced driving courses that will cover topics related to counterbalancing, power pallet forklift and mobile elevated forklift platforms. Other advanced courses may be available depending on your staff training needs.

Documentation Requirements

One of the key points often overlooked by foremen is the required documentation of the staff. When you are signing staff up for these various courses, you will need to ensure they are aware of what items to bring. Documentation will consist of not only identification but may also require medical insurance proof, as well as any previous forklift training proof. In some cases, criminal background records may also be a requirement.

When you are ready to send staff to these weekend forklift training courses, contact the local training course administrator. Let them know how many staff will be signing up and see if they offer an on-site training option. Keep in mind, most of the training courses that are offered on your worksite will need to be scheduled at least two weeks or more in advance.

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